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For any queries, feel free to contact us: info@rightpricesolar.co.za +27833289907 In terms of payment, we accept bank transfer and cash on delivery.
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About Right-Price Solar

Right Price Solar is a small and quite new supplier, located in Northern Johannesburg.

We have an edge in that we are sourcing directly, and we are interested in providing equipment and advice to small scale customers.

Many find the prices of solar energy to be prohibititive, and this is true. Solar energy is hardly free if the cheapest price per watt of a German solar panel to be R28...or more. And even if the technology advances, it still doesn't change the bottom line for most people.

Our vision is to sell solar panels....at the right price.


So although we will one day stock thin-film and German solar panels, our core focus is to get people started by providing equipment at reasonable prices. And as our own expertise in solar energy increases, we are eager to share it with those who want to know it.

We look forward to doing business with you.