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For any queries, feel free to contact us: info@rightpricesolar.co.za +27833289907 In terms of payment, we accept bank transfer and cash on delivery.
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Prices and Availability

Suppliers change from day to day, and the stock we hold changes day to day. We reserve the right to change prices or discontinue selling items as we see fit. We also reserve the right to cancel or reverse orders as we see fit.


We are currently working on establishing a payment gateway, but until then, we accept EFT and COD. We will not ship or release goods until we are confident that it has reflected. We reserve the right to delay release to ensure proper payment, although in reality this would lilkely not exceed 3 or 4 days.

Solar Panel Output

We strive to ensure that each panel that leaves our hands is in working order and without defect. If however you discover significantly reduced current output, or totlal no-functioning, we will gladly recieve the panel back to examine it. We cannot cover shipping/postage in this case, and this lies with the buyer. If the panel data and actual output are significantly different, we will offer a full refund, excluding shipping. As for issues involving smashed glass and destroyed cells, this is attributed to user negligence, and we cannot accept this.

We unfortunately cannot offer long term gaurantees, due to the nature of our scale. A panel made from polycrystalline silicon will however theoretically output for a very long time, and the great majority of producers can confidently offer warranties due to the fact that polycrystalline silicon has no moving parts and could easily function for up to 35-40 years. Panel output will begins to drop below 90% beyond 10 years, and following that, below 80% in the next 10 years.

We are confident that if we sell you a panel, we will never need to see it again.