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Safety Conditions

Due to the sometimes DIY nature of solar power systems, we accept no responsibilty for any injury, damage to property, or loss of revenue related to the use or misuse of our products. We also will not accept responsibility for any failure in our systems as negligence on our part - once it is sold, how it is used is the decision of the owner.

Likewise, any information gained from us or this website may be unverified, and we shall not accept any responsibility for any damage or injury if this advice is applied. If you are unsure of what you are doing, you shouldn't be doing it. Consult a professional.


A solar power system that interacts with your electrical board is illegal, unless installed and certified by a qualified electrician.

Solar power systems, mobile or static, are completely seperate of the 220VAC mains, with properly rated fuses/circuit-breakers included. Estimates regarding sizing of wires, fuses, inverters, panels and so on remains the responsibility of the buyer.